Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Love to be found

"Love to be found"
I was sitting in silence
Silence of love and peace
Playing my guitar
The wind whispers a gentle song
I started playing my favorite song
Burning flames in my heart
Take me to time of glory
Where you was my special story
this made a tear fall on my guitar
But lovers always come and lovers always go
An no one's really sure who's lettin' go
Until my true love is found
With words so kind
As in my dreams
Where I can find…
And challenge
All his utmost love
Playing my guitar
And let destiny take part…
As I play my acoustic guitar
For true love to be found

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

| LoVe 2 WrItE





Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Search Engine Optimization

What is search engine optimization? It is the procedure by which you improve the volume and quality of traffic that you get on web sites from the various search engines available online. This could happen by natural means such as organic or algorithmic search results. Usually, the earlier sites are featured first in the list. Depending on the rank of the site more visitors will visit it of course. Think of yourself when you do a google search you normally tend to look not beyond the first five to ten websites on any given day. Hence SEOs go about different kinds of searches such as image specific or local searches or industry-specific.
The role of the SEO is to think of internet marketing strategies and how search engines operate and what do people look for when they are searching for that particular product.

So what they do is edit its content in such a way that maximum key words that are frequently searched by people are used in it. The html coding used also plays a role in it as it helps to remove the obstacles to the indexing activity of the search engines.
SEO marketing tactics are usually a part of the website design and development. What the SEOs do is to use lots of search engine friendly features such as menus, content management systems and shopping carts. These are easy to be used to their best potential. Another common tactic used by SEO are to black hat of Spamdexing by means of link farms or keyword stuffing.
If you realize there are billions of pages, websites and people fighting it out for a slice of the pie. For every search there are several pages vying for your attention. There are billions of people reaching out to the internet everyday and who has the time or patience to look past the first few results thrown up by the search engines.
Just as in business you need focus same is the job of the SEO. To focus your website, in the minds of the searcher by showcasing it amongst the first ones. This will help one to generate more awareness amongst the customers, get more potential customers visiting one’s website and ultimately generate more sales. You can have the best of websites but it is going to be of no use without visitors.
SEOs help in three major ways. They can help you with the design of the website and see to it that right from its inception the website customized. They check for its architectural structure, easy navigability. They also check whether the coding is right in order for you to make your presence felt online.

Next they look for the content. The content should be eye-catching and interesting. It must interest your visitors to spend more time at your website rather than moving on. Once the customer is willing to buy does it tell him clearly what he needs to do? Then the SEO can increase your online popularity by building links.

How to buy Luxury Watches online

If you are looking into buying luxury watches and would like to purchase them online, there are a few things you need to know. Not only will you need to work out whether the site is genuine or not, but you will also want to make sure that you are getting the best product for the cash you are spending.

The internet is a great place to buy anything online. There is no trawling endlessly around shops talking to snooty shop assistants who are trying to sell you the most expensive thing imaginable. With buying luxury watches online, you can browse hundreds of different shops for hours, all in the comfort of your home wearing your pajamas if you wanted! You can compare prices and get the best deal possible, compare styles and looks without he complicated jargon, and spare your feet from aching!

However, when you are looking to buy luxury watches online, you need to make sure that you are buying from a good site. Most online stores that sell luxury watches are not authorized to do so, and the products may even be fakes. However, many reputable luxury watch sellers can offer their goods for cheaper prices simply because they do not have to fork out for overheads or shop rents and suchlike.

The best way to find out whether or not the online store you are looking at is for real, is to some undercover snooping! Type the shops name into an online search engine and see if anything comes up. It may have been mentioned in a forum somewhere for good and bad reasons, and by doing this, you can check the site out and work out whether or not you should buy from there.

You could also try checking the companies history is they have a section on the site that enables you to do so. Most reputable vendors of luxury watches will have, somewhere on the site, something about how long they have been retailing for, and also something to show they are authorized to do so.

The more information you arm yourself with about luxury watches and what to expect from a retailer of luxury watches, the more chance you will have of purchasing one that is, not only value for money, but also the real deal. Many fall into the trap of believing they are buying a genuine articles, when in reality it is either stolen or fake. Don’t be the next one to fall into this trap. Educate yourself and have a look around, compare prices and don’t be persuaded by pushy websites! At the end of the day, it is your choice and you will be spending a lot of money for your luxury watches, don’t end up paying lots of money for something that simply isn’t worth it! Be prepared, learn as much as you can and only buy what your budget will afford. After all of that, you can sit down and enjoy your luxury watches!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Is It A Sign Of Things To Come?

In 1953 Dick and Mac McDonald used golden arches for a sign. They put an arch on both sides of their first, walk-up hamburger stand in Oak Brook, Illinois. When viewed from an angle, the two arches looked like the letter "M". Although McDonald's stopped putting golden arches on most of their restaurants in the 1960's, the marketing of healthy happy meals shows that McDonald's is still interested in angles.

In 1959 Harry Wheeler, an industrial arts teacher, built a sign for his Western store in Canyon, Texas and named the sign Tex Randall. Tex is a Stetson-topped, jean-wearing cowboy that stands 47 feet high and weighs 7 tons. Today the store is gone, Tex is starting to show his age and the property on which Tex's size 75 boots stand has been bought by an outsider who - unlike the locals - doesn't look up to Tex. The good news is Tex was bought for $5,000 by the owner of the local diner. The bad news is it would cost $55,000 to move Tex to that diner. It seems in Texas even the problems are big.

Because the Islamic holy time of Ramadan occurs in September, September 2008 was the time chosen by the grassroots Islamic awareness group, the Islamic Circle of North America, to start an ad campaign. The group sponsored signs in 1,000 of New York City's 6,000 subway cars. The two-paneled signs featured the words "Islam Head Scarf or Prophet Muhammad" and the phrase "you deserve to know". The ads also included a phone number and Web site for those people who wanted to learn more about Islam. When the ad campaign was first announced, there were derogatory headlines in the New York Post and angry statements by some local politicians. These were stronger signs - of the times.

Then there's body language. According to Joseph Navarro, a retired FBI Special Agent, body language that deals with emotions is fairly universal and hard to hide. Biting our lip is a sign we're insecure. Putting our hands on our hips is a sign we're not pleased with the present situation. Raising our shoulders is a sign we're not confident about what we are saying. Although Navarro used his body language skills to read criminals, he's now teaching them to employers, doctors and poker players. Although it's possible to have a poker face, don't bet you can have a poker body.

Just me...

In the darkness of the night
when everyone sleeps...
alone in a room..
my heart weeps...
while everyone dreams
i am wide awake...
thinking of the loves and losses..
the pain and the heartbreak..
people look at me n say i m shy...
they do not know
that i'm afraid to try...
to open the doors
to my broken heart...
to let them see
every bit and part...
coz i know how it feels..
to be hurt n brood..
to be left alone..
to be battered and used...
sum think i'm crazy...
others feel i'm wierd...
i need to be pushed...
to be happy and cheered...
no one realises...
that even though i smile...
how much pain hides...
behind the joy in my eyes
every moment,every place...
i continously speak..
but thats just a way to keep the tears
from falling down my cheek...
sumtimes i hate the world...
at times myself i hate...
with a life so sad...
and nothing goin gr8...
but life goes on and time passes by...
and i hope for that colorful rainbow
that appears in the sky...
but for now...i live...day in day out....
do not oppose and do not shout...
in the darkness that seeps...
as the loneliness creeps...
alone in a room
where no one can see...
its JUST ME...its JUST ME....

I will save myself

I will save myself
The drunk
The sick
The vampires

I will save myself
Deep beneath the ocean of time
Where the waves
Tears the rocks apart

I will save myself
In each smile
In each passion
In each stretch of trust

The bigness is not a dream
Life without pain would be so mean

I will save myself
To the long narrow paths
To this unknown world
To the memory veins

My mind will conquer
Where my eyes don’t see

My thoughts will grow
Where my heart doesn’t beat

I will save myself
To the scratches of the death valleys
To be a warrior
Of the sin fields


And if I did not make mistakes
And give too brief a thought to heavy questions
And too much time to little matter;
Of if I always knew which road to travel
Where every step would lead me into daylight
And if each face that turned to watch me pass

Was broken by a smile;
Or if whenever I should choose to lay my heart
Bare upon the sun-warmed grass,
It always was returned with tender touches
And carried by a song;
And if my heaviest burden were only to be
A breeze upon my back, and blossom in my hair,
And my brow was never crossed with lines of pain;
If all this endless summer were my lot
And winter's fury never beat me back,
Then I never would have seen the stormy nights
Through which I've struggled, fought and won;
I never would have known the joy of needed comfort given,
Or the essence of a friend.

Does anyone care?

Does anyone care?
the song is dancing in my mind

Does anyone care?
another dawn
another sunrise
another bed
another time to heal

The birds playing
The birds making love
The birds sharing

Does anyone care?
another rain
another time to listen
another moment to walk
no words to touch
just your eyes are here
to listen to
and the rain washes us pure

Does anyone care?
another mission
another time for us
another story to believe in

Does anyone care?
another you and me?
another step to the better world?
the reality of you and me

Does anyone care?
another bread to share
another passion to give
another forbidden dream to forgive

Does anyone care?
another song to listen
another flight to be born
another moment left
in peace joy green lands
and the children laughing in joy

Does anyone care?
The reality of you and me.

Does anyone care?

Monday, December 1, 2008

A Salute to hard Working Women's

What would our lives be like with out a woman near,

Incredible feats they do all day long , and even through out the year,

From taking care of all with a sensitive side and an understanding too,

That without them if they truly new , the world be in a stew,

Our childrens needs are fulfilled as women play a role,

to nurture and love every one even children out of control,

From being a mom to working a job her life is so erratic,

never taking a rest becuase theres work to be done,

No sitting nor being stattic,

And beauty behold a pleasure to see and often with such grace,

I thank you lovely ladies for saving the Human Race,

Mom, sis, Grandma ,aunts, and even those I call friend,

I applaud your labors as I watch you work, with a beer held in my hand,

So cheers to you and I thank our god for bearing such wonderful fruit,

By the way dear,,,,,,

If you get the chance can you please put on my boots.

The Flutist at Dawn

I saw the shepherd on the barren field.
I saw his dark far-off figure
Standing alone in the field
that ended in darkness
The world was dark and bare;
And Darkness surrounded and enveloped the solitary field.

Then the shepherd picks his flute up and starts to play
The air lifts the flute up to the realms beyond the field
Under the red sky!
And Ahir Bhairo descend onto his flute
Soft and majestic.
The song overpowers the valley.

And behold!
A few light leaves of grass are born!
Formed are trunks
And formed are whole trees!
And emerged are huts and ponds!
And the world revels in

Golden glory dances in the East!
And birds wake up all around,
And the field is enthralled by the sound!

The world shakes off the darkness and
Leans over the lone figure
Thriving on the flute!

Morning comes.

I don't care

I don't care if I'm too young to understand
I don't care if I'm odd to even stand
I don't care if u dont believe
I don't care if u cant see
I don't care if that's how u are gonna be
Cause I don't care to put up with it anymore
I...I...don't care to care

I don't care if the sun don't rise
I don't care if the stars don't shine
I don't care to look up at the morning sky
And find out that the birds don't fly
I don't care if its hot or cold
I don't care to see different faces unfold
I don't care for global warming
I don't care for people dying
Cause I don't care to put up with it anymore
I...I...don't care to care

I don't care for what people shout
I don't care if their words wont come out
I don't care for ur misery
I don't care for ur joy
I don't care if u don't believe in love
Your words are not gonna make me move
Muchmore I don't care If u can't understand me
I...I...don't care to care

I don't care for how long I'm gonna live
I don't care for how long I'm gonna fight
I don't care for whats coming up tomorrow
I don't care if its filled with sorrow
I don't care if population grows
I don't care if poverty kills
I don't care if rich bastards dwells
I...I...hate to care

I don't care if u cant sleep
I don't care if u cant eat
I don't care if we cant meet
I don't care if we cant get along
I don't care if u don't belong
I don't care if u are depressed
I don't care if u cant find peace
I don't care,I'm not gonna be there to tease
I'm not going to be around to please
I...I... hate the word care

I don't care if we are born alone
I don't care to travel alone
I don't care if we all die alone
I don't care if u wont simply moan
Cause life & death travel on the same boat
Certainly I'm not the only one to float
Fine u wanna wreck mine
I'm wreckless with your's
I...I...don't care to care

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Simplicity Is the Secret

Nowadays you can find on catwalks very simple wedding dresses suggested by top designers in this area, which can be a good guide for any bride who is a little confused over her wedding day look.

It is not easy to find a wedding dress according to your tastes. That is why any bride can be happy when she finds somewhere guidance on where to find a very simple wedding dress. Fairy tale wedding dresses are the dream of any woman in the world. Valentino suggests you such romantic and charming wedding dress collection.
Girdles made of lace and skirts made of tulle are part of the wedding dresses made of luxury fabrics. Tiaras and long veils are chosen for a fairy tale bride. Very traditional and symbolic for the wedding day, the veil can reach 1, 2 or 3 meters, according to the way you want to wear it: to cover your face or not. There are wedding dress models without veil.
Valentino collections offer you a classical design, with simple cuts and you will look gorgeous. A simple wedding dress will underline the beauty of the bride; it must not be more shimmering than her. Designers all over the world actually opt for simplicity and elegance. The bride is sensual, feminine and mysterious because of the wedding dress which at first sight does not appear uncommon.
This simplicity highlights the bride’s traits and her splendour. Charles Nolan suggests a simple wedding dress, with delicate embroidery in the upper part and thin braces. It is very long and its cut is advantageous for each woman because the waist line is not underlined. In the case of this dress the hairstyle must not be sophisticated and the veil is not necessary.
Another model in Charles Nolan’s collection is also stylish and elegant, but it features a very interesting neck line, which matches perfectly with a simple hair loop. This model is recommended for women whose shoulders are a little wider. As far as the length is concerned Nolan has opted this time for a contemporary style, highlighting the bride’s legs.
To continue with, Gianfranco Ferre comes up with a simple and romantic wedding dress style. The only accessory is a silvery band in the upper part of the chest. The dress is made of more thin fabrics, a little transparent, so that your body lines are delicately suggested. If you want to underline your bust and your shoulders, this dress is the best choice.
Jasmine Di Milo also highlights the bust, but the top is not a classical one. This model is advantageous for those ladies whose waist is not very thin. A free hairstyle and a colour of your hair which contrasts with the rest of your look make of you a fascinating bride.
Barbra Tfank suggests shorter wedding dresses with a special neck line which can fit any type of silhouette. The list can continue, but we consider it is enough for you to make a picture on where to find a simple wedding dress. You do not have to go on a trip in New York to meet these designers for example, but you can find similar models inspired from them in your country, in any specialized shop or you can look for them on the internet or even order them, or design them yourself. It is up to you, as you are the star of your wedding after all!


Born to be a MAN...

No matter, whose around,
No matter, what’s happening…
His dreams alwaz with him,
To be b chased, whatev’r be it!!!

Nothin’ cud held him back,
Nothin’ cud change him away.
Much courage n’ li'l pride,
N’ wid de stub-borness he moves…

No look backs, No back outs,
No pushing no pampering.
Al‘lone, wid head up high
To de Castle, he moves bravely…

I glanced, once gotta glimpse
Besides, I stayed staring again…
Is he ‘One hell of a Sweet Chap?’
Or de Charismatic Leader, sud I say!!!

Ohh, My Goodness!!!
Showed me a smile from far away.
And moved again, but al’lone again,
N'vr ever turn again...

As if an Unanswered Puzzle, he’s still moving...
No turn around, No look backs in b/w.
Moving Towards the goal,
To the Zenith of his Victorious Life!!!

But here I stay, 4 ever ‘lone
Still admiring, still caring.
Still with his thoughts,
Still with the Prayers for him!!!


GoD BlEsS!!!

The Pain was my gain

I was too happy to be ambitious
Didnt know the purpose of my life
Unknowingly you gave me a reason to achieve
You are the one who had sown the seed
Today i want to win the world
and want to shine like a pearl

I did curse you sometimes
The medicine is not sweet
but recovers us fine
you were bitter as it
But showed me the direction that fits

Everything happens for a reason
is what people say
Now i realise all is not play
God has planned everything
which may not seem right on the Earths wing
but there is logic to every swing

whatever pain i have recieved
I have kept it safe in my heart
to keep releasing time to time
when the weekening of the will starts


Some things are too absurd
Some times are too obscure
I was too young to understand
It was a time with no worries
It was a time I never knew or felt sorry
It was a moment,
filled with innosense
It was a moment,
I thought would last forever
A moment that was really good
A moment that represents my childhood

Now life keeps moving
Everybody keeps changing
To live with it,it aint easy
Takes out your breath,believe me
You left though you loved me
You din't leave me alone
It's our child you don't see
Without his sense he completes me
He gave me my reason
Showed me my failure
Made me realise my responsablity
Made my life flexible
Still I find it hard to adapt to change
But my eyes shows me my purpose
A purpose that keeps me driving
Though we ran away from fear
Infront of him I would hide my tears
A moment that ain't so good
A moment that left me more confused

I had to fight for many years
I always went down defending
But I couldn't stop fighting
I could never give up
Nor could I give him up
As I loved him
I lived for him
I wait for him to fall asleep
I'm awake to figure a away
I had to work harder throughout the day
Most times dusk to dawn,made me sway
Hoping for a miracle some day
Most times survival is harder
Suicide made my mind wander
Every night I see him smile
It was filled with innosense
It's through that smile I compose mine
Through him I saw my times
He transformed me from a kid to a man
Every day I'm proud of this young man
For what he is,
For what he means
Through his smile,I see light
A moment of happiness
A moment within darkness
This is my pursuit of happiness
A moment that goes endless.