Sunday, November 30, 2008

Simplicity Is the Secret

Nowadays you can find on catwalks very simple wedding dresses suggested by top designers in this area, which can be a good guide for any bride who is a little confused over her wedding day look.

It is not easy to find a wedding dress according to your tastes. That is why any bride can be happy when she finds somewhere guidance on where to find a very simple wedding dress. Fairy tale wedding dresses are the dream of any woman in the world. Valentino suggests you such romantic and charming wedding dress collection.
Girdles made of lace and skirts made of tulle are part of the wedding dresses made of luxury fabrics. Tiaras and long veils are chosen for a fairy tale bride. Very traditional and symbolic for the wedding day, the veil can reach 1, 2 or 3 meters, according to the way you want to wear it: to cover your face or not. There are wedding dress models without veil.
Valentino collections offer you a classical design, with simple cuts and you will look gorgeous. A simple wedding dress will underline the beauty of the bride; it must not be more shimmering than her. Designers all over the world actually opt for simplicity and elegance. The bride is sensual, feminine and mysterious because of the wedding dress which at first sight does not appear uncommon.
This simplicity highlights the bride’s traits and her splendour. Charles Nolan suggests a simple wedding dress, with delicate embroidery in the upper part and thin braces. It is very long and its cut is advantageous for each woman because the waist line is not underlined. In the case of this dress the hairstyle must not be sophisticated and the veil is not necessary.
Another model in Charles Nolan’s collection is also stylish and elegant, but it features a very interesting neck line, which matches perfectly with a simple hair loop. This model is recommended for women whose shoulders are a little wider. As far as the length is concerned Nolan has opted this time for a contemporary style, highlighting the bride’s legs.
To continue with, Gianfranco Ferre comes up with a simple and romantic wedding dress style. The only accessory is a silvery band in the upper part of the chest. The dress is made of more thin fabrics, a little transparent, so that your body lines are delicately suggested. If you want to underline your bust and your shoulders, this dress is the best choice.
Jasmine Di Milo also highlights the bust, but the top is not a classical one. This model is advantageous for those ladies whose waist is not very thin. A free hairstyle and a colour of your hair which contrasts with the rest of your look make of you a fascinating bride.
Barbra Tfank suggests shorter wedding dresses with a special neck line which can fit any type of silhouette. The list can continue, but we consider it is enough for you to make a picture on where to find a simple wedding dress. You do not have to go on a trip in New York to meet these designers for example, but you can find similar models inspired from them in your country, in any specialized shop or you can look for them on the internet or even order them, or design them yourself. It is up to you, as you are the star of your wedding after all!


Born to be a MAN...

No matter, whose around,
No matter, what’s happening…
His dreams alwaz with him,
To be b chased, whatev’r be it!!!

Nothin’ cud held him back,
Nothin’ cud change him away.
Much courage n’ li'l pride,
N’ wid de stub-borness he moves…

No look backs, No back outs,
No pushing no pampering.
Al‘lone, wid head up high
To de Castle, he moves bravely…

I glanced, once gotta glimpse
Besides, I stayed staring again…
Is he ‘One hell of a Sweet Chap?’
Or de Charismatic Leader, sud I say!!!

Ohh, My Goodness!!!
Showed me a smile from far away.
And moved again, but al’lone again,
N'vr ever turn again...

As if an Unanswered Puzzle, he’s still moving...
No turn around, No look backs in b/w.
Moving Towards the goal,
To the Zenith of his Victorious Life!!!

But here I stay, 4 ever ‘lone
Still admiring, still caring.
Still with his thoughts,
Still with the Prayers for him!!!


GoD BlEsS!!!

The Pain was my gain

I was too happy to be ambitious
Didnt know the purpose of my life
Unknowingly you gave me a reason to achieve
You are the one who had sown the seed
Today i want to win the world
and want to shine like a pearl

I did curse you sometimes
The medicine is not sweet
but recovers us fine
you were bitter as it
But showed me the direction that fits

Everything happens for a reason
is what people say
Now i realise all is not play
God has planned everything
which may not seem right on the Earths wing
but there is logic to every swing

whatever pain i have recieved
I have kept it safe in my heart
to keep releasing time to time
when the weekening of the will starts


Some things are too absurd
Some times are too obscure
I was too young to understand
It was a time with no worries
It was a time I never knew or felt sorry
It was a moment,
filled with innosense
It was a moment,
I thought would last forever
A moment that was really good
A moment that represents my childhood

Now life keeps moving
Everybody keeps changing
To live with it,it aint easy
Takes out your breath,believe me
You left though you loved me
You din't leave me alone
It's our child you don't see
Without his sense he completes me
He gave me my reason
Showed me my failure
Made me realise my responsablity
Made my life flexible
Still I find it hard to adapt to change
But my eyes shows me my purpose
A purpose that keeps me driving
Though we ran away from fear
Infront of him I would hide my tears
A moment that ain't so good
A moment that left me more confused

I had to fight for many years
I always went down defending
But I couldn't stop fighting
I could never give up
Nor could I give him up
As I loved him
I lived for him
I wait for him to fall asleep
I'm awake to figure a away
I had to work harder throughout the day
Most times dusk to dawn,made me sway
Hoping for a miracle some day
Most times survival is harder
Suicide made my mind wander
Every night I see him smile
It was filled with innosense
It's through that smile I compose mine
Through him I saw my times
He transformed me from a kid to a man
Every day I'm proud of this young man
For what he is,
For what he means
Through his smile,I see light
A moment of happiness
A moment within darkness
This is my pursuit of happiness
A moment that goes endless.