Monday, September 21, 2009

I am Broken

Lost in a world
So wicked and cruel
Pure hearts in this world
Are too little too few
Cold hearts rein
Like a tyrant of a king
These hearts crush
The pure hearts that sing
So the purest hearts must hide
Behind walls of cement
Trapped in a corner
These hearts feel most content
This is why I am here
I set those hearts free
From this world
My own heart cannot flee
Broken and shattered
Torn and dismantled
This world was a bit too much
For my heart to handle
I shall build it back up
Not from the original pieces and parts
But from the pieces of the walls that were once around it
A cemented heart
One that cannot be broken
Or torn like light does in darkness
Out of everyone I’ve seen fall
I believe I’ve fallen the farthest
I’ve fallen past betrayal
And lies spoken from the lips of a friend
Even losing the comfort
Of love without end
I’ve fallen past heartache
And sorrow from loss
Also past hatred of me
Without a cause
With the heavy heart
Each of these has caused
Gives one-hundredth to the heart
That is now being constructed out of cemented walls
It is not yet complete
And is already coming undone
The only choice I have
Is now to run
But if I am to run
I would not get very far
I can not go far enough
With any modern train or car
This is a world
Of heartaches and devastation
And not to mention the end
Of a pure heart’s determination
People say they want truth
Love and praise
But once they find these treasures
They choose to betray
My heart is guarded
But still falling as well
But unfortunately my story
Is too long of a tale
Until next time, my viewers
You shall see
All the demons that live in me.