Saturday, April 25, 2009


I have no more definition

I am blind to see right and wrong
I have nothing to do more
I am leaving for that shore

You’ve got your own days to live
you’ve got different ways to live
and so you breathe your own smoke
and so you disagree with your choice

Wanting and waiting, patience befriending
watching the twinkle of the star so far
I am the girl with heart so empty
I am lying here in corner

Time and place losing their value
life and death losing their power
surrounding you all pitch black
saying silence is the loudest noise I hear

I will wait for you

I remember the day

We saw each other first

You like me but u don’t have words

You keep as an angel

Though I don’t have wings

You loved me so much

I forgot rest of the things

You hold my hand

We walked along

My all worries despairs

When you show that much care

We dream together So many dreams

But today when I open my eye

You was not by my side

I blink my eye with hope of you

But it crushes my hopes, dreams and desires

You know I am not strong and can’t fight

You who take care for me every time

i whispers to her fading silhouette "I will wait for you"...