Monday, June 8, 2009


I walked in the lonely streets,
thinking of the daily trend.
How should a stranger greet?
to make a new TRUE friend.

No one is truly intimate,
its all in the POCKET'S state.
A mere smite of fate,
which i knew it late.

The mind is worried
and the feelings are burried.
My heart does moan,
pity , for now its a stone.

When many were to gather
but none care to bother.
The eyes began to weep,
Tears rolled down the cheek..
Late night i was asleep,
Ah! a nice " HIDE AND SEEK".

I woke up from the dream,
it really made me scream.
The agony of my tone,
oh! i was all ALONE.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thank you my love

You’re angel Fallen from the haven
R u the star I wished last night?
Is it true or another dream
Which is making me flew
Away from sorrows
U promised me everything
Many time to forget to fulfil
Thanks for this promise which u did
Thanks word is not worth for all u did
You own my life
And I am happy for this J
I don’t regret for thousand tears,
that I have cried for you to change,
I am glad I shed them for you.
I am not sure what my life
Would have been
If I didn’t have you by my side
For love and companionship
To give me advice and Keep me civilized
As u the only one with who can care. J
I m falling short of words,
To express how I feel for you.
I know I dent have to say
As you know me better than I do.