Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Pain was my gain

I was too happy to be ambitious
Didnt know the purpose of my life
Unknowingly you gave me a reason to achieve
You are the one who had sown the seed
Today i want to win the world
and want to shine like a pearl

I did curse you sometimes
The medicine is not sweet
but recovers us fine
you were bitter as it
But showed me the direction that fits

Everything happens for a reason
is what people say
Now i realise all is not play
God has planned everything
which may not seem right on the Earths wing
but there is logic to every swing

whatever pain i have recieved
I have kept it safe in my heart
to keep releasing time to time
when the weekening of the will starts


  1. "when the weakening of the will starts" good one

  2. i was incomplete without you. then you left me for me and i was complete again.

  3. @Raj... Ahaan!! you are getting feel of it :P

  4. are getting the feel?? rofl. read the one singular poem on my blog. you will find i have already felt and fret over it :P

  5. WOW!! then we are sloping on same ship :D... I'll read them tomorrow.