Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Lovely Haunting!

I feel the frozen wood of my coffin,
screech and snap under the weight of earth.
My frozen limbs reach out towards the sun,
craving for the one that I loved.

I lie dead and still in my pain in misery...
Remembering what my love did to me.
That dark frozen night, when my blood will spill.
For the murderous one that I love still.

Although I am dead...
I still feel a haunting dread.
A memory of blood...
and all that I have lost.

I smile trying to remember my late love's name,
the one that had torn my heart out all bloody and maimed.
I rise out of my coffin, in that dark frozen night with a scythe...
Waiting for a time just right to end that fool's life!

I found my love crying in despair over what he had done,
So found it in myself to give him one more shot under the sun.
I made a deal that I will not torment him anymore...
If he went to my grave and begged my love once more!

He went to my grave to beg for my love,
but instead he slit open his throat.
Now we are both dead and happy as can be in our little coffin,
His lesson was learned.
Now he will know that love will haunt him forever
here underneath the earth!