Monday, April 5, 2010

Do you really care?

I wonder all the time,
What will u do if I die?
Would you cry? Or would you be glad?
If I call you when you're about to fall asleep
'just to talk' would you say 'I have to go'?
If I text you saying I need you and you're
out having fun would you be there for me?
If I cut on myself because I dont want to
live any longer would you think I'm
crazy and would you stop talking to me? You told me I m your princess But you left me alone..
Do princess deserve this or something more??
I am so far from being okay.
It’s really hard to be strong
"Maybe you should just give up the fight."
I am sad.
I feel mad.
My heart is full of woe.
There is nowhere safe I can go,
except into the darkest hole,
Do you really care?
Life would be bearable if it wasn't for you....