Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Search Engine Optimization

What is search engine optimization? It is the procedure by which you improve the volume and quality of traffic that you get on web sites from the various search engines available online. This could happen by natural means such as organic or algorithmic search results. Usually, the earlier sites are featured first in the list. Depending on the rank of the site more visitors will visit it of course. Think of yourself when you do a google search you normally tend to look not beyond the first five to ten websites on any given day. Hence SEOs go about different kinds of searches such as image specific or local searches or industry-specific.
The role of the SEO is to think of internet marketing strategies and how search engines operate and what do people look for when they are searching for that particular product.

So what they do is edit its content in such a way that maximum key words that are frequently searched by people are used in it. The html coding used also plays a role in it as it helps to remove the obstacles to the indexing activity of the search engines.
SEO marketing tactics are usually a part of the website design and development. What the SEOs do is to use lots of search engine friendly features such as menus, content management systems and shopping carts. These are easy to be used to their best potential. Another common tactic used by SEO are to black hat of Spamdexing by means of link farms or keyword stuffing.
If you realize there are billions of pages, websites and people fighting it out for a slice of the pie. For every search there are several pages vying for your attention. There are billions of people reaching out to the internet everyday and who has the time or patience to look past the first few results thrown up by the search engines.
Just as in business you need focus same is the job of the SEO. To focus your website, in the minds of the searcher by showcasing it amongst the first ones. This will help one to generate more awareness amongst the customers, get more potential customers visiting one’s website and ultimately generate more sales. You can have the best of websites but it is going to be of no use without visitors.
SEOs help in three major ways. They can help you with the design of the website and see to it that right from its inception the website customized. They check for its architectural structure, easy navigability. They also check whether the coding is right in order for you to make your presence felt online.

Next they look for the content. The content should be eye-catching and interesting. It must interest your visitors to spend more time at your website rather than moving on. Once the customer is willing to buy does it tell him clearly what he needs to do? Then the SEO can increase your online popularity by building links.


  1. A good apt summary of SEO. I have been thinking of knowing more about SEO and its workings.,. This introductory post will be helpful in that regard.,.

    I differ on the lines "You can have the best of websites but it is going to be of no use without visitors.". Its not necessary for it to be true. If one is talking in business sense, yes, without visitors a website doesnt have much sense. Yet in a personalized sense, do you think visitors define a website quality or the content defines it.

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    vaise tu sahi keraha haii summary to aache hee likhee haii..akir hgee bhi kyo naa..mere friend haii.:D:)

    take careee/.keep it up..Kim:-)

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