Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I am Falling

My wings were so bad
all rusted and torn
from anger and hate
to arrogance and scorn
They wouldn't even flap
being so out of repair
but the thing that hurt most is you never cared…
It’s Hard to fly with
these broken wings
I am screaming your name
catch me I am falling….
My heart is bleeding
and it won’t survive for long
the skin on me is burning
by the fires of the outrage flare
and I am falling….
With arms stretched out
Crying out to you
hoping you’ll hear my plea
wondering what I did to evoke such wrath upon me
crying loudly and I am falling….
Crashing to the ground my body crumpled in pain
My wings broken and bleeding
My mind going insane
With my last breath I whisper your name
Hurray I am Falling…..