Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Lovely Haunting!

I feel the frozen wood of my coffin,
screech and snap under the weight of earth.
My frozen limbs reach out towards the sun,
craving for the one that I loved.

I lie dead and still in my pain in misery...
Remembering what my love did to me.
That dark frozen night, when my blood will spill.
For the murderous one that I love still.

Although I am dead...
I still feel a haunting dread.
A memory of blood...
and all that I have lost.

I smile trying to remember my late love's name,
the one that had torn my heart out all bloody and maimed.
I rise out of my coffin, in that dark frozen night with a scythe...
Waiting for a time just right to end that fool's life!

I found my love crying in despair over what he had done,
So found it in myself to give him one more shot under the sun.
I made a deal that I will not torment him anymore...
If he went to my grave and begged my love once more!

He went to my grave to beg for my love,
but instead he slit open his throat.
Now we are both dead and happy as can be in our little coffin,
His lesson was learned.
Now he will know that love will haunt him forever
here underneath the earth!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Am Feeling Lonely Today..

There's a good side to getting hurt a lot...after a while it just doesn't bother you as much.
You can try your hardest, you can do everything and say everything, but sometimes people just aren't worth trying over anymore...they aren't worth worrying's important to know when to let go of someone who only brings you down.
I don't know why your heart doesn't do what your mind tells it to.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I will be Stronger

Is it true you love me??
Still you set me free??
You promised for one more try was that lie or I heard it wrong??
I candidly set you above all,

You were the suitor that stood tall.
Or was I suppose to lead you on, In order for you to stay, so you'd be the won?
Is it a Bad dream???

We are not just a couple, but a great team...

We've been through so many tides

Can't we set away our prides?
You told me, You looked constantly at me,
'My beautiful girl,'
you said Love in your eyes
I could see As you lay next to me in bed
'We survived a whole four weeks'
'But we'll last so much longer'
You bent and kissed my cheeks
You made my heart feel stronger
Each subtle touch, skin upon skin, Each longing stare;
Would make my world begin to spin
All it took was for you to be there
Now you say I have slept with many other,
which make me feel oppressed....

I remember us sitting down,
On our favorite bench,
That's when you said..
"I think we should break up."
And that was the end of it,
You were gone,
You got off the bench,
Where we had carved out our names in a heart,

I saw the memories we had together; fade away,

The love of my life walks away.....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Do you really care?

I wonder all the time,
What will u do if I die?
Would you cry? Or would you be glad?
If I call you when you're about to fall asleep
'just to talk' would you say 'I have to go'?
If I text you saying I need you and you're
out having fun would you be there for me?
If I cut on myself because I dont want to
live any longer would you think I'm
crazy and would you stop talking to me? You told me I m your princess But you left me alone..
Do princess deserve this or something more??
I am so far from being okay.
It’s really hard to be strong
"Maybe you should just give up the fight."
I am sad.
I feel mad.
My heart is full of woe.
There is nowhere safe I can go,
except into the darkest hole,
Do you really care?
Life would be bearable if it wasn't for you....

Friday, January 8, 2010

Cuddling :)

I love cuddling with you
on a cold winter evening.
The sensual feel of your caress
ignites the flames of my desire.
I yearn to fulfill our wildest fantasies,
some of which are too sinful to mention.
I crave your sweet and tender kiss
on my bare and inflamed flesh.
When our bodies intimately join,
I melt into your loving embrace.
The lovemaking that we share,
is far from being average.
It brings us the most incredible
release of our lives.