Sunday, November 30, 2008


Some things are too absurd
Some times are too obscure
I was too young to understand
It was a time with no worries
It was a time I never knew or felt sorry
It was a moment,
filled with innosense
It was a moment,
I thought would last forever
A moment that was really good
A moment that represents my childhood

Now life keeps moving
Everybody keeps changing
To live with it,it aint easy
Takes out your breath,believe me
You left though you loved me
You din't leave me alone
It's our child you don't see
Without his sense he completes me
He gave me my reason
Showed me my failure
Made me realise my responsablity
Made my life flexible
Still I find it hard to adapt to change
But my eyes shows me my purpose
A purpose that keeps me driving
Though we ran away from fear
Infront of him I would hide my tears
A moment that ain't so good
A moment that left me more confused

I had to fight for many years
I always went down defending
But I couldn't stop fighting
I could never give up
Nor could I give him up
As I loved him
I lived for him
I wait for him to fall asleep
I'm awake to figure a away
I had to work harder throughout the day
Most times dusk to dawn,made me sway
Hoping for a miracle some day
Most times survival is harder
Suicide made my mind wander
Every night I see him smile
It was filled with innosense
It's through that smile I compose mine
Through him I saw my times
He transformed me from a kid to a man
Every day I'm proud of this young man
For what he is,
For what he means
Through his smile,I see light
A moment of happiness
A moment within darkness
This is my pursuit of happiness
A moment that goes endless.


  1. so many spell mistakes girl, will irritate your reader ...beautiful thoughts though..keeps the reader hooked on to know... :)

  2. teri pehli poem itni achi thi be? :P

  3. Very diplomatic comment,.... what are you trying to say here??

  4. complemenet dena bhi allowed nahin? :)