Monday, July 27, 2009

It's not fair

Always and forever
That is what you said.
"I'll love you til never"
Is what is in your head.

I opened my heart.
You took it away.
I fall apart
Because you break it everyday.

I trusted you completely,
But you didn't care.
You left me discretely.
You were never there.

I cared for you then,
I care for you now.
I cannot tell him
Because I don't know how.

You're in love with her
I know you say you don't.
Even if you were
To care for me, you won't.

I want to be able to talk to you,
But I know this cannot be.
Even if my words are true,
I know you'll never see.

I wish this would get better.
I'm tired of feeling this way.
I'm sending you this letter
I know you'll get it someday.

How is it, what makes you happy
Always makes me sad?
Could it really just be me?
Am I always making you mad?

I'm moving on today,
I can take this pain no more.
Maybe he can stay
And fix my heart you tore.

I hope that you are happy.
I hope that she is there.
I hope that she can be
Good enough for you to care.

I cannot tell you why,
But I really have to say
It's time to say goodbye.
Maybe we can be friends one day.