Monday, December 1, 2008

A Salute to hard Working Women's

What would our lives be like with out a woman near,

Incredible feats they do all day long , and even through out the year,

From taking care of all with a sensitive side and an understanding too,

That without them if they truly new , the world be in a stew,

Our childrens needs are fulfilled as women play a role,

to nurture and love every one even children out of control,

From being a mom to working a job her life is so erratic,

never taking a rest becuase theres work to be done,

No sitting nor being stattic,

And beauty behold a pleasure to see and often with such grace,

I thank you lovely ladies for saving the Human Race,

Mom, sis, Grandma ,aunts, and even those I call friend,

I applaud your labors as I watch you work, with a beer held in my hand,

So cheers to you and I thank our god for bearing such wonderful fruit,

By the way dear,,,,,,

If you get the chance can you please put on my boots.

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