Monday, October 10, 2011

Wet Pillow!!

She can count the restless days
And the nights of wet pillow,
With closed eyes, but awaken ,
She pretended to be so sleepy.
And in the middle of those dark nights,
She used to wake up puzzled and lost,
Breathlessly, She used to search her phone
Hoping for text or call from someone
When she regain her consciousness
She was alone with her wet pillow
Tomorrow She’ll became free
Like a white dove flying in the blue sky
everyone looked up to see her
And they saw how beautiful you were!
She did everything to get some “Love”
All she get more humiliation in return
What will She do with these feelings
That are trapped so deep inside
That fill her inner “Soul”
Possessed by the your ruthless words
What will She do with her honesty
With faith and all her believes
When all that’s left is an emptiness
And a soul that’s truly grieved.
I suppose that’s what “She” faces at night
“Holding a pillow wet with tears.”


  1. Intense stuff... good one da...

    Have a nice day :)


  2. When she regain her consciousness
    She was alone with her wet pillow.

    Your way with words is hard-core amazing :):)

  3. Aw. This makes me want to go hug her. Or you. Wonderfully written. But you always write so well..

  4. @Arv... Thanks Arv.. :)

    @~Serendipity.... Thanks Dear!! Just trying to sketch her pain through words... :)

    @Zeba.... *Hugs* accepted. <3 Keep visiting.

  5. I think love finds us when we least expect it. In my experience, it is not something that can be FOUND. But it will find us in due time. We grab too tightly to the fringes of love as if they are we are worthy of. But wait. You are worthy to be the center of someone's heart.

  6. Awww.... Wine and words you are very sweet and positive... I wish to have some positivity in me too. <3

  7. Why you updating so much of sad stuff :(..I don't like :(

  8. Tell her not to get her pillow too wet tho...She has to sleep with her head on it,for chrissakes....she might catch a bad cold that way!!!:-) Jokes apart,lovely should post more often.....

  9. why cant i sew up words in such a beautiful fashion. You create visions!! :)

  10. Beautiful, I love the play on words. Well done!

    Short Poems

  11. @ Gauri...Chill!! <3 give me something from your hamper and I'll be happy :P

    @Rahul... Dude you got a point... :P I'll try to post more often. :)

    @Red handed.. You are being so Modest dear... you write far better then me :P

  12. @ Marinela.... Thanks Dear... I am glad you liked it. :)

  13. Its like speaking to yourself in this post of yours.... I hold my pillow, to find some life, only to know its not gonna hold me back.
    Nice blog :)


  14. Beautiful poem. Reminds me of the times when I end up with a wet pillow for company, lonely and stark.