Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Secret Wooden Box

Today I crammed away a part of my soul
As the tears once more time begin to unfold
Of yesterday's memories, stolen from
Surrounds me like a fascinating storm
Images of a life that could not be
Forced me once again, to set them free
With bits and pieces my soul
For nothing is left to hold on to
I try to stand tall and just get through
Starring at cluster of memories
We all went through
Or the places where we use to escape
The slighted mention of same
Sends chills through me still the same
Precious treasures of our time together
Now hidden away and stored forever
I remember how you we whispered in the class
Memories of sorrow, laughter and love
Conscience of whispers gone in the night
Histories ill will fate sometime
Rating the days of splendor as things not to forget
Rating days of monotony as times i soon will
As i ask the questions of life's mysteries down on my aching knees
Life goes on as tomorrow creeps it's way into
I know that in due time deity will make for me a way
Regret, confusion,
misery has no place inside of my space
I choose to live for the now and to keep a smile everlasting on my face.
Once again I had to pack away
In a secret wooden box, my spirit today


  1. Nostalgic... really does strikes a chord :)

    take care :)


  2. Thanks Arv... I am glad you liked it... :)

  3. hi there! I think you write very well, this poem proves it. Why don't you join us at It's a writing group where a prompt is given every week for us to start our stories. I hope to see you there!=)



  4. Hi Andy, Thanks for your invite. No offense but i am not regular blogger... :(


  5. hey you are way too good ... :)

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  6. Very Touching...
    Loved it!

    You're AMAZING :)

  7. @Rv* Sharma.. Thanks dear... can't find your follow option. :( Please guide me!!

    @Yuvakshi.... Thanks Dear!!

  8. those days among the rest in soft distinction lie, when a lover is found or meant to die.

  9. wonderwall. whats with the name? i kinda like it. but i smell a cute story.

    and dat dp. damn. awesomeness.

  10. @Raj.... Thanks for DP comment Just to let you know... I am not high ;)

    "WonderWall" is my fav song by Osis.... which pretty describes me :D... I hope this helps :P

  11. u weren't high? okay, so u r plain gorgeous :P

  12. Ya... I was* not high :P

    Thanks for compliment... :)

  13. poser! *glares* :P

    ciao m out. dinner calling.

  14. Brilliant ... and I loved the last two lines!

  15. Thanks Deborah... Keep Visiting!! <3

  16. You write really nice.. and can connect too.. why were you away so long? keep writing girl..

    The thoughts may not wash away, but the impressions will fade..

  17. @ KP... I was very much here but little lost with my life... :D


  18. Your emotions and deep seated grief come through in every word, some lines were a little confusing for me, but I guess that's all down to artistic freedom and the mystery in any art lies in not what you can figure out but what remains veiled and yet lives on as a lasting impression. Kudos and yes I saw the template...I think it's coz the themes of our blogs are similar...coincidence or good taste...the latter I think and a good choice I must say :) Keep Writing!

  19. @Imroz... I am wanna be poet.... and you are pro. :D

    P.S. Kindly don't compare me with you.

  20. I don't think you can teach someone to be a poet, either you are one or you are not. I honestly think you have it in you to become really good, the talent is there, just work on some areas of your writing where you feel you have a weakness and then it's just a matter of continuing to write and harnessing and polishing that skill.

    P.S. I didn't compare our writing just the theme of the blog and I am not really that good let alone a pro, you make it seem like I am something else, there is as much I can learn from you as you can learn from me :)

  21. @IMROZ... PEACE :)

    I really admire your posts. :)

    God bless you!!

  22. Not fact pretty good...I thin I wud have liked it better if there was more rhyming involved..but anyway,it is a commendable effort...Keep up the good work....:-)

  23. Beautiful.

    You will cherish those moments in the wooden box - lively and cheerful.

  24. @ Rahul... thanks... I'll try to improve :)

    @ Vyankatesh... I hope... <3

  25. this is insanely cool!! no kidding.. we all keep a wooden box, only a few lucky ones have it them to open up and let set their soul free! (not that I am any philosopher, i just enjoy philosophy) :)

  26. Nicely put, WW... u truly r the wonderwall, nt just another brick in the... :)

    Gud read, WW :)

  27. @ Nishant... Thanks Dear!! Please keep visiting wonderwall. :)

    @R-A-J... certainly not another brick in the wall :P Keep visiting :)

  28. aww...that's one emotional poem! Beautifully written..

  29. @Yamini... Thanks a lot dear... :)

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