Saturday, May 16, 2009

When you're gone I miss you....

when you're gone
How will I go to work?
Who will I phone
To talk through the silent evening
when you're gone

Time will turn
But without your hands.
How will I eat
Without my day on your dish
when you're gone

You're the only place
I can put myself.
No hopes or dreams
Can fill my tumbling days
when you're gone

Don't you know that
your arm's are the only pillow i have
I cant sleep
How can i sleep
when you're gone?

I am missing your laugh,your smile, your touch
when your gone i fell empty inside
i wonder whenever i see you i feel so glad,
i know you are far but i wish it wasn't true

I pray hoping that day will come soon,
The day that i see you and know that your all mine,
That day i will be happy to let you leave,
Knowing that you wont be gone for good....

When you're gone i miss you.... :(


  1. this is beautiful .. u go girl

  2. Loved it... I hope that day comes soon for ya :)

    please take care... cheers...

  3. @ Prasad
    Thanks :)

    Thanks for encouragement :)

  4. cool poem ill recommend it to the publishing house planning to take out a complete set of love poems :D

  5. luvly kim!! touches a chord in my hrt as well! u take care grl..

  6. brilliant one! I m bac to blogging circle after a long estivation and my new start was refreshing with ur blogspot..keep posting and cheers!

  7. @ Arjun, Sawan and Roflol

    Thanks :)

    God bless you all

  8. Fantastic Poem :) I really extremely loved it a lot :) Keep Blogging :)


  9. wow! methinx somebody iz missed.


    ya think?

    thanks for sharin' :-)


  10. Thanks for your appreciation dear... :)

  11. Thanks a lot....Srishti Padathiyaar :)

  12. this one is lovely :)

  13. Nice writing.. keep working on those poems..

    will return to read more..

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