Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Name is Miss Understood

I will hide tears from you

I know they ain’t a mean a thing

I know it’s was my fault

I m not tolerable to be happy

I m MISS understood

Not once, nor twice

Its story of every time

I feel lonely

Do any one care I have heart???

I can’t express my pain

You will found me smile on every lane

I keep that feeling inside my heart

Can u look into my eyes?
I'm was open book to you
You use to analyze every bit
Now I'm deeper and more complex
Yet still you endeavor
To peel away ever layers
Those are part of me
In order to foretaste
My true identity but 
You will never know.


  1. I am there for you:)
    Dont feel lonely:)
    take care

  2. u r good......ur skills cant b explained in words.......

  3. @ RushingQuark
    thanks dear

  4. lovely poem, i am liking the style you have...please tell me is the semantics deliberate in all your poems?