Friday, January 8, 2010

Cuddling :)

I love cuddling with you
on a cold winter evening.
The sensual feel of your caress
ignites the flames of my desire.
I yearn to fulfill our wildest fantasies,
some of which are too sinful to mention.
I crave your sweet and tender kiss
on my bare and inflamed flesh.
When our bodies intimately join,
I melt into your loving embrace.
The lovemaking that we share,
is far from being average.
It brings us the most incredible
release of our lives.


  1. oye,... y is it in wingdings??? :P

    but nice poem...:D

  2. wow!

    Kim, who knew?


    beautiful, and perfect
    for Valentine's day.

    thanks again,
    for sharing.

    keep on bloggin'


  3. 「不可能」這個字詞,在聰明人的字典中是找不到的。........................................

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  5. gr8 post i loved it.... n haan try moderating your comments ;P lot of anonymous ads n i bet u cant read Chinese.. hehe.. will tune in back 4 more.. ceao

  6. speechless............its just beautiful dont mind me asking you ad a break up or what?? it just seems as if you had lost the one you loved the most........i hope am just thinkng mad their aint anything as such.

  7. lolzz... Divz... no worries its just that i am quite emo person so i got such strange feelings inside me...

  8. I yearn to fulfill our wildest fantasies,
    some of which are too sinful to mention.

    ooh :P i find my head roamning. :D

    on my bare and inflamed flesh.
    good line. meaningful. devastatingly gud.

  9. @DuDo... thanks

    @Raj... *Wink* if you know wht i mean ;)