Monday, July 27, 2009

It's not fair

Always and forever
That is what you said.
"I'll love you til never"
Is what is in your head.

I opened my heart.
You took it away.
I fall apart
Because you break it everyday.

I trusted you completely,
But you didn't care.
You left me discretely.
You were never there.

I cared for you then,
I care for you now.
I cannot tell him
Because I don't know how.

You're in love with her
I know you say you don't.
Even if you were
To care for me, you won't.

I want to be able to talk to you,
But I know this cannot be.
Even if my words are true,
I know you'll never see.

I wish this would get better.
I'm tired of feeling this way.
I'm sending you this letter
I know you'll get it someday.

How is it, what makes you happy
Always makes me sad?
Could it really just be me?
Am I always making you mad?

I'm moving on today,
I can take this pain no more.
Maybe he can stay
And fix my heart you tore.

I hope that you are happy.
I hope that she is there.
I hope that she can be
Good enough for you to care.

I cannot tell you why,
But I really have to say
It's time to say goodbye.
Maybe we can be friends one day.


  1. nice poem
    pic is really beautiful

  2. Nice poem dear...

    btw...i have closed my poems blog and merged all of them under one blog only.
    One blog is maintainable you see..

  3. so not fair :(

    nice poetry though..

  4. Beautiful Heart Touching Poem With Eye-Catching Phrases :D Eventhough its a Sad Poem, Still Very Well Penned Down :)

    All The Very Best Success :) Take Care :) Have A Great Week Ahead :)

  5. That does hurt !

    Well, u must have been thru all this to pen it down so beautifully ... haven't you !

    Well Divya .. come back to my blog ... and yes I'll be stalking you now on :D

  6. Hi,

    As far as the poem is concerned, it is amazingly written.

    Very Painful...
    The depth and the words say it all.


  7. Thanks every one... Your comments motivates me allot... keep commenting...

    Warmest Regards
    Kim :)

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