Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Take Off The Mask!

I will smile again

Though tears flow from these eyes

I will smile again

And trust tomorrow the sun shall rise

Though darkness may enfold me

Though heavy rain can’t help but pour

Though shattered, lost and broken

Though heart could barely bear it all

Though tired and weary and confused

Though badly hurt and bruised

I know that I will smile again

And I will smile again!


  1. smile smile, there is so much to hope for :)

  2. i take off the mask.....i am developing a fondness a fondness for your feelings,so much of hidden emotions.....your creativity far beyond my imagination.

  3. this is a very very nice spirit lifter Kim... it's so inspiring... thanks for sharing... btw.. I wish you just delete that comment by anonymous, it smudges the purity of the page (just opining tho, no offense meant) :)