Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Creation

I am partly dead
I am partly alive
The day you slapped
I still manage to smile
You say I am precious
You can do anything for me
Your so busy to buy star
You forget to talk with me even for an hour
You say I never Trusted you
Just think once how can i do??
Bcoz You have left me so many times......
This makes me partly dead and partly alive....

My life is ntn more then a nightmare
time we spent together i always cheers!!
I can't forget to mention those moments
When i was all alone you were there to console
this brings happiness and joy to me
Its ntn that i have only complaints from you
Your my angle that's true
When ever you hold me in Your arms
trust me dear it takes me far
Take it as request or for human kind
Dont leave me ever or even for a while
I know there are many things I do
Which irritates and sucks you
But i swear you baby
I really want to improve
Please Dont leave me partly dead or partly alive....